Monday, March 2, 2009

Foam RC Plane DIY

For those of you looking to get into R/C flying but thought you couldnt afford it...
Go to Home Depot and get the following: ( some of this stuff you may have lying around )
1) 4' x 8' sheet of 1/4" thick blucore foam (pink is ok too )
2) Hot Glue Gun
3) 1 roll of fiber packing tape
4) X-Acto knife and lots of blades
5) 3M spray adhesive ( I'm pretty sure there's two strengths so pick the weakest )

You're going to have to go to the hobby store now ( or online but it is a great advantage to have a hobby store nearby so make sure and support the locals ; ) You can find a decent flight radio for about $100 but if you have the money get the best one you can afford.As you progress the added functions of a more robust system will save you from buying another unit down the road. So from the hobby store you will need:
1) Flight radio system with minimum 3 servos (4 is better )
2) Brushless motor and speed control. Suitable for foam 3d aircraft.( ask your hobby store what they carry ) And a Li-poly battery. 750 mah should do fine. See you tomorrow!

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